Welcome to Heavy Metal Off-Road!

Why Heavy Metal Off-Road?

Located at 147 East Aqua Circle, Unit 4A, Dalton Gardens, ID 83815. We have been serving our customers since 2012. We started out with custom fabrication jobs only, catering to each of our customer’s individual needs. After several years of learning what our customer’s wanted in each of those projects, and how each of those designs performed, it was apparent that our love for building and off-roading was destined for more.

Now, we have our own line of premium products that will expand as we continue to grow into a more sophisticated and capable company. Currently available are our line of rock sliders, bed bars, and an expanding set of other accessories.

Quality, integrity, consistency and innovation are the driving forces which have made Heavy Metal Off-Road grow into what it is today. These values are paramount in our day to day operations. It’s what gives us the confidence to put our name on everything we sell, and stand by it 100%.